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The Fourteenth Seat


Alektor was an Amaurotine music prodigy, seeming destined for a career under the patron of arts. However, he was frequently critical of the Convocation and his art verged dangerously close to unacceptable levels of self-expression. After an incident where he transformed and attacked a convocation member for criticizing his performance, his patrons banished him from Amaurot and sent him to an an "artist's retreat" to self-reflect. Experiencing the outside world for the first time and meeting Venat eventually led him to becoming her successor.

Before meeting Venat, he viewed the seat of Azem with a degree of disdain. But after getting to know her, Alektor had a great deal of respect for Venat's work and was willing to accept the position and try to bring about change from within. With the (reluctant) assistance of Emet-Selch, he developed a technique of diving into the aetherial sea in order to study the imprints of ancient memories there. He also reestablished contact with several isolated groups of Ancients who had separated from the star's primary society.

Alektor first met Themis shortly after his appointment as Azem. Themis sought him out because he wished to hear the performance that led to Alektor’s banishment, which was never recorded. The two of them eventually became good friends.

His familiar is a Bird of Elpis named Helikon.