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Persil Briesanc


Age 47

Persil was born and raised in the Brumes with little in the way of family or security, where she was taught that her ambitions outstripped her place in Ishgardian society. In her youth, she rescued an injured adventurer passing through the city, and saw him back to health. He eventually returned to his travels, but their short time together made a lasting impression. Evidently, Lang kept her in his heart for as many years as she did, for one day he returned to Ishgard, now a knight of House Leonguin, and asked for her hand in marriage. Despite warnings of dangers that surrounded the house, she nonetheless pledged herself to their service, as it was still an opportunity to fulfill her ambitions. She took to the intricacies of high house politics well, and proved herself to be a trusted servant and advisor.

One day, the Leonguin household was detained without warning. She learned that the masters of the house were to be tried for heresy, while the servants would simply be thrown into the Tribunal arena to prove their innocence. She was to be tried along with her husband. The night before, Lang confessed to her that he was responsible. He had knowingly brought a dragon into Ishgard, who had been unassumingly serving the house alongside them for many years. He confessed that his wavering faith in Halone lead him to commit the heretical act in a moment of weakness.

She witnessed Lang seemingly absolved by a miracle, but she was the only one who knew the truth. Her innocence was tied to his, so she could not report what she knew without forfeiting her own life. The weight of her husband's betrayal lead her to enter ranks of the Inquisition, in order to excise the kind of heresy poisoning Ishgard from within.

After the Dragonsong War ended, Persil and Lang reconciled as much as they were able, and separated on peaceful-ish terms. She is no longer an Inquisitor. Instead she is a leading member of the Ishgardian House of Commons and works towards the betterment of Ishgard's future.

Attien Dauphinet


Age 18

Attien is Lang and Persil's son. Growing up as a child of two servants in a noble household meant he was often overlooked. He befriended the old stablemaster, who one day revealed his true identity as the dragon Arvakr. Arvakr gradually turned his sympathies against his family and house, and fueled his interest in forbidden heretic magic. After months of secret experimentation, Attien discovered a way to reverse the transmutation spell Arvakr was under. He drank the dragon's blood, and the two escaped to the furthest reaches of Dravania.

Lang did not see him again until he was journeying to the Churning Mists to parley with Hraesvelgr. On the way to Sohm Al, Attien attacked him, and was nearly slain by Estinien, but Lang and Ysayle stayed his hand in time. Attien was fully under Nidhogg's influence and beyond reason. They took him along to Hraesvelgr's home, and Lang asked the great wyrm if he could quell the rage in the young heretic's heart. Hraesvelgr took him and put him in a state of slumber, until such a time as when Nidhogg could be defeated.

With Nidhogg's death, he reawakened and learned to live among Hraesvelgr's brood in Anyx Trine. He also met Heustienne de Vimaroix and taught her how to control her draconic form.

Attie had all the signs of the Echo since he could speak. The vivid dreams, the voices he heard... I knew what it meant, yet I pretended to not notice. If I did not acknowledge it, it could not threaten the semblance of an ordinary family I so desperately wished for. I hoped it might fade with time, as did mine.

When it could not be ignored anymore, I prayed. Aloud I prayed to the Fury to protect my boy, and in secret I prayed to Hydaelyn to relinquish her claim. Why now, and why him? Had I not earned my rest, after all my years of sacrifice? Had I failed her? She did not answer.


Spawn of Nidhogg

Age ~300 †
Alias Mikka

Arvakr was a dragon general of Nidhogg's horde. Twenty years ago, Ser Sagrameric and his knights attempted to slay him, but failed. Later, Lang returned to confront Arvakr alone. Lang defeated Arvakr, but offered him a chance at redemption. The dragon accepted, and so he was transmutated into mortal form. Though he could no longer hear his Nidhogg's vengeful songs, his sire's bitterness and contempt for mortals remained unexcised in his heart.

Under the transmutation spell, he went by the name of Mikka. He worked as a stablehand for House Leonguin, and appeared to all as an unremarkable, rather taciturn Hyuran man. If questioned about his past, he would only say that Lang once saved him from death, and he owned him a life debt. Mikka understood that Lang was at once his mentor and warden, and he sometimes wondered why Lang was so determined to preserve his life. Was it a kind of twisted justice, or a foolish attempt to create understanding between their kind?

Eventually, Arvakr regained his original form and escaped Ishgard to rejoin the Horde. In Azys Lla, Nidhogg summoned Arvakr to fight Lang. This time, they both understood that death was the only defeat the other would accept.

Alwin Clarion

Temple Chirurgeon

Epithet Alwin the Enkindled
Age 24

Alwin is an accomplished young chirurgeon of Ishgard. At the age of twenty-three he earned the prestigious position of personally attending the Heaven's Ward. During the trial of House Leonguin, he witnessed Lang's miraculous victory in the Tribunal. He sought out the disgraced knight to learn more about the nature of his blessing, and was surprised to learn about his past as a practitioner of foreign heretical magic. Still, he continued to visit Lang. They struck up a friendship, and he even taught Lang some basic conjury. But when Lang left Ishgard, Alwin wondered if he would ever rediscover his purpose.

When the truth of the Dragonsong War was laid bare, Alwin defied his Vault superiors to stand with the Temple Knights and with Lang, now returned as the Warrior of Light.

[...] I recalled that he walked into Her gaze not with fear, nor with his head held high in defiance, but with the humility of a penitent who came to lay his soul bare before his confessor. The Elezen woman beside him named him her champion, leaving him to face the trial alone against two opponents. Still, he was an equal match for the both of them, as he fought with sword and shield in hand like a man possessed. When they finally had him disarmed and it seemed there was no hope left, he summoned forth a blizzard to drive them back. Every witness, myself included, held our breaths in silent awe as the air cleared and the flakes of frost settled on our lashes. What could have been a clearer sign from the Fury?

The Dauphinet Family:

Lupinault & Oleanne Dauphinet

Lupinault and Oleanne were Lang's parents. They lived in Sweetwell, a tea farming village in the Coerthan lowlands. They had five children together.

In the more rural areas of Coerthas, children who show affinity towards magic are more likely to be treated as ill omens, or even invite accusations of heresy onto their family. So when Lang began experiencing strange headaches and visions, they strictly imparted to him the importance of keeping faithful to the Fury, lest he became vulnerable to heretical influences. When the local pastor found Lang an opportunity to be educated as an astrologian, they accepted, knowing the Observatorium would provide him a better future than they could. Though it did pain them to send him away from home so young.

They were both elderly when the Seventh Calamity struck. Their children tried to persuade them to move to Ishgard for safety, but they refused to abandon their homestead. They remained on their farm for several more years, until they both passed away from old age.

Renonchet Dauphinet

Age 20 †

The eldest of the Dauphinet siblings. Renonchet enlisted in the Dragonsong War as a youth, but as so many young soldiers did, he died in the line of duty before having a chance to make a name for himself.

Chenellain Dauphinet

Age 57

Chenellain is the second oldest sibling in the family. He never had children, save for an illegitimate daughter who he did not acknowledge for many years.

After the Seventh Calamity, he and his sister Aigremance stayed in Sweetwell to care for their aging parents until they passed away. Eventually it became impossible to make a living off the frozen land, and they made the difficult decision to abandon their family farm and move to Ishgard.

Erabelle Dauphinet

Age 56

Erabelle is Lang's older sister and the third sibling in the family. She had left home as soon as she was able, and remains estranged to her family. She settled down in La Noscea and now runs a florist shop.

Aigremance Philione

Age 47

Aigremance is the youngest of the Dauphinet siblings. Lang is quite fond of her, although he could not be present for most of her childhood growing up. She has two children.

Saulie Dauphinet

Age 8

Saulie is Chenellain's granddaughter, and Lang's grandniece. She was left abandoned in the Brumes when her mother Eglantine Myste passed away. Eventually, the nuns of Ishgard's orphanage managed to track down her relatives in a countryside village. Chenellain took her under his care, and since then the two have been nigh inseparable.

Dear mother and father,

I hope you have been well and father’s leg has not troubled him too much lately. The Chief Astrologian says my penmanship is coming along, and he suggested I write you a letter.

I have been learning much at the Observatorium. We have studied letters, arithmetic, and how to read charts that map the course of the stars. The weather here is nice, and the night sky is almost always clear.

This year I have been given an allowance, so I'm sending you some of it with this letter. It is not much, but I hope it will be of some help. I am also allowed in the library now, which is exciting, though the stairs to the library are even longer and steeper than the ones to the classrooms. The teacher said this year we will spend the entire winter reading Saint Adaunel’s Almagest, but in my own time I have already finished the first volume.

I will visit home soon when my studies are complete, and share with you what I have learned about the beautiful heavens.

Yours faithfully,