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The Twelve's Scribes

"Twelve in one, and one in Twelve." The words of the old Archons were taken to heart by the Twelve's Scribes, for they believed that the Twelve were not separate gods, but rather aspects of one god. They believed that each aspect must be equally respected, and their wills interpreted in their greater context of the star. Through understanding of the Twelve's true nature, they sought to put an end to the wars waged in their names.

The Scribes adventured for over fifteen years, before they disbanded in the wake of the Ala Mhigan revolution, after the loss of their leader. The survivors scattered across the far reaches of Eorzea and struggled to carry the light on their own. Twenty years later, the five remaining members, now greater in age but still possessing the power of the Echo, would regroup to once again come to Eorzea's defense.

Twelve in one, and one in Twelve. Have you forgotten?


Who will take the light from our hands? There are none left. Our children were slaughtered before our eyes.


He can't even lift his father's sword, much less wield it.

To Lang Dauphinet:

It's been damn near impossible to get a message into Ishgard. I can only pray to the Wanderer for this one to get through. I'm sure even you've heard news of the Imperial legion preparing for invasion, unless you've been actually living under a coblyn. You were always the Fury's lance, so spare some of her justice for the rest of us, won't you? We need you here.

Your friend,
R. V.

Lybek Weyr

Scribe of Rhalgr

Epithet Lybek Fairscribe
Age 48 †

The leader of the Twelve's Scribes. Lybek was formerly a monk of the Fist of Rhalgr, but after he awakened to the Echo, he renounced his affiliation in order to journey across Eorzea. He gained mastery of conjury and thaumaturgy through self-study, and founded the Scribes in accordance to his visions.

By all accounts, he was a gentle and merciful man, an image seemingly at odds with his faith in the Destroyer. Yet his peacefulness did not equate to inaction, as many who dared to threaten him have found out.

Although he was dedicated to fighting for Ala Mhigo's liberty against King Theodoric's tyranny, he did not particularly get along with Curtis Hext, the Resistance leader. Curtis thought that having a prophet of Rhalgr on the Resistance's side would greatly bolster the people's morale. However, Lybek had a great distaste for this notion, and refuted any rumours that he had a direct connection to Rhalgr.

During the Ala Mhigan Revolution, the Scribes were raided by Theodric's forces. Lybek was captured and executed from atop the Divine Audience.

[...] I do not know how to reconcile the Lybek I knew with the martyr he became. That day ended in blood, as Theodoric ordered every witness slaughtered. My beloved mentor, who turned away from the Destroyer’s sect, who taught us to cherish every life no matter how insignificant, must have known that he was condemning the hundreds of people he looked upon to die with him. For all his uncanny foreknowledge, did he not see that in the end, their sacrifice would merely trade one kind of tyranny for another?

Vega Mendicus

Scribe of Nophica

Epithet Vega the Peregrine
Age 52 †

A Hyur originally from Garlean-occupied southern Ilsabard, and Lybek's first protege. Vega became one of the original Warriors of Light before the Seventh Umbral Calamity. He died during the Battle of Carteneau.

S'kobba Tia

Scribe of Azeyma

Epithet S'kobba the Torch
Age 41 †

A Miqo'te originally from Ala Mhigo, who left his tribe and eventually settled in Thanalan. After the Scribes disbanded, he remained behind in Ala Mhigo and joined forces with the Resistance. He later died while fighting Garlean Imperial forces.

Ivory Bower

Scribe of Byregot

Age 35 †

A Roegadyn from Ul'dah. Ivory was originally a talented crafter with very little martial training, before she joined the Scribes and learned to fight in the style of monks under Lybek's tutelage. She died in the Ala Mhigan revolution during Theodoric's attack.

Kokosuli Zizisuli

Scribe of Althyk

Epithet Kokosuli Shorebreaker
Age 65

A Lalafell from Ul'dah. In his retirement, he has wholly devoted himself to the art of fishing. He can be called upon to brave any dungeon, as long as there's a promise of rare fish at the end.

Wendrida Brynstan

Scribe of Nald'thal

Age 57 †

A Hyur from Ul'dah. She was originally a dancer, then a priestess in the Order of Nald'thal, before finally joining the Scribes. She disappeared in the chaos following the Ala Mhigan revolution and was presumed dead.

Martine Ezin

Scribe of Thaliak

Epithet Martine the Ardent
Age 70

An Au Ra gleaner from Sharlayan. They returned to gleaning after the Scribes disbanded, and still stubbornly refuses to retire despite concerned implorations from their colleagues.

Solkwyda Farrsweigwyn

Scribe of Llymlaen

Epithet Solkwyda the Shining
Age 72

A Roegadyn from Limsa Lominsa. After retiring from adventuring, she bought a small vineyard in the La Noscean countryside, where she uses her alchemical knowledge to produce eclectic vintages.

Chiruru Chiru

Scribe of Nymeia

Age 33 †

A Lalafell researcher from Limsa Lominsa. She lost her life during the Ala Mhigan revolution.

Naji Olahli

Scribe of Menphina

Epithet Naji Fullbright
Age 61

A Miqo'te from the Black Shroud, a faithful devotee of the Lover. Naji came to Eorzea's defense five years ago against the XIVth Imperial Legion, along with her husband. Now retired, she can often be found tending to her cottage garden in the Lavender Beds, though she enjoys dusting off her old weapons once in a while when the opportunity for adventure arises.

A familiar face unexpectedly showed up on her doorstep one day, someone she hadn't seen in nearly twenty years. She learned about the life he built and lost to his mistakes, and seeing how he had nowhere else to go, she invited him to stay with her for a time. In truth, she was glad for the company of an old friend.

Rochaum Vollasque

Scribe of Oschon

Epithet Rochaum of the Red Lilies
Age 54 †

An Elezen from Gridania. He had a repertoire of carefully crafted identities, and often posed as a wealthy Ishgardian or Gridanian merchant so he could wander unimpeded where he pleased. They were life partners with Naji, and their love was said to parallel the bond between Menphina and Oschon themselves. They died in the Battle of Carteneau.

Lang Dauphinet

Scribe of Halone

Epithet Lang the Irenic
Age 51

An Elezen from Coerthas, originally an apprentice astrologian at the First Observatorium. The new Warrior of Light after the Seventh Calamity.