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Timeline of Events

1526 Lang Dauphinet is born on the 4th Sun of the 6th Umbral Moon in the Coerthan village of Sweetwell.
1535 Sweetwell survives a Dravanian attack. Fortunately no lives are lost, but a significant part of the harvest is destroyed.
Lang is sent to the First Observatorium to become an apprentice astrologian.
Renonchet Dauphinet joins the Ishgardian army.
Lybek Weyr leaves the Fists of Rhalgr after awakening to the Echo and begins journeying across Eorzea.
Renonchet is killed in military service.
After receiving a vision, Lybek begins assembling the Twelve's Scribes.
Lang joins the Twelve's Scribes.
Ser Sagrameric inherits House Leonguin.
Lang meets Persil Briesanc while in Ishgard.
The XIVth legion begins attacking Ala Mhigo.
The Twelve's Scribes convene in Ala Mhigo to research ancient Sixth Era magic, crossing paths with the newly formed Crimson Duellists.
As the Ala Mhigan revolution builds, the Scribes dedicate more of their efforts to aiding people in need. Rumours spread that Lybek is an avatar of Rhalgr.
Lybek is executed by King Theodoric from atop the Divine Audience*. The Twelve's Scribes disband.
King Theodoric is overthrown. Garlemald annexes Ala Mhigo.
Lang returns to Ishgard after forseeing Nidhogg's 8th reawakening. On his way home, he finds an orphaned Roegadyn child living alone in the wilderness*. He leaves her in the care of a group of Ala Mhigan refugees heading to Ul'dah.
The Azure Dragoon Alberic Bale defeats Nidhogg at Ferndale.
Lang meets Ser Sagrameric and asks to join House Leonguin*.
Lang defeats the dragon Arvakr, and is knighted. He becomes unable to use magic.
Lang and Persil are married.
Attien Dauphinet is born.
Thordan VII becomes the new Archbishop of Ishgard.
The Battle of Silvertear Skies.
Ishgard withdraws from the Eorzean Alliance and closes its gates.
Sagrameric's two older children die under suspicious circumstances. Foul play from a rival house is suspected, but never proven.
Ser Sagrameric dies in a duel against a rival lord. Launcien de Leonguin, his only surviving heir, inherits his house.
Sagrameric's husband, Rossitor de Leonguin, temporarily assumes head of house duties until Launcien comes of age.
Lang is assigned to be Launcien's tutor.
The Seventh Umbral Calamity.
House Leonguin is purged for heresy. Lang survives trial by combat and regains his magic.
Lang spends three months recovering from the trial. During this time, a chirurgeon named Alwin teaches him basic conjury*.
Chenellain Dauphinet adopts his granddaughter Saulie.
The Dauphinet family is forced to abandon their farmland and move to Ishgard.
Lang leaves Ishgard for Gridania. He is taken in by his old friend Naji, and joins the Conjurer's Guild.
Lang meets the Scions of the Seventh Dawn.
Defeat of Gaius van Baelsar.
Lang returns to Ishgard.
End of the Dragonsong War.
The liberation of Ala Mhigo and Doma.
Lang spends six months in the First. Only one month has passed in the Source to differences in the flow of time.
Events of Endwalker.
Events of 6.1 onwards.