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Lang Dauphinet

Warrior of Light

Age 51


An Elezen of fifty-one summers originally from the Coerthan countryside, Iolanger Dauphinet, known to most as Lang, is the renowned Warrior of Light.

Since childhood, Lang possessed high sensitivity to the aether, and for this reason he was sent to the First Observatorium to become an apprentice astrologian. Soon after he completed training at the age of sixteen, he was visited by a group of adventurers who called themselves the Twelve's Scribes. Inspired by their deeds and aspirations, he left his post and joined them to travel all over Eorzea.

The band of adventurers were led by an Ala Mhigan highlander named Lybek Fairscribe. Although Lybek was once a follower of Rhalgr, he was a man of peace. He founded the Scribes in hope of understanding the true nature of the Twelve, so that they could unite the fractured nations of Eorzea who waged war in the name of the gods. Under Lybek's tutelage, Lang's strength and magic flourished, and he began to question the strict teachings he grew up with.

The Twelve's Scribes became an accomplished order, wielding powerful magic born of their faith in the Twelve. But they disbanded in the wake of the Ala Mhigan revolution, when Lybek was captured and executed by King Theodoric. Lang had little time to grieve for his mentor in the chaos of the following Imperial annexation. He noticed signs fortelling Nidhogg's reawakening in the stars, and returned to Ishgard alone. He offered what aid he could, but there seemed to be no hope that his homeland could ever be freed from its eternal war. Lang was more lost and unsure of his role in the Twelve's plans than ever before, and he realized he was deeply estranged from his own countrymen, who viewed him as a heretic.

After Lang pledged himself to the service of House Leonguin, he confronted the dragon Arvakr. He defeated the wyrm, yet he could not bring himself to strike the final blow. He made an offer to the dragon: he would spare Arvakr his life, if he would learn to live in peace among mortals. This was accepted, and Lang casted a transmutation spell on Arvakr. He expended all of his aether to make the transformation permanent, giving up his ability to use magic. Though he was relieved to be freed from the burden of his powers, he came to regret this act of mercy, a final unforgivable sin committed in a moment of weakness. Yet, he still could not bring himself to kill Arvakr, who had committed no crime since his transformation. Instead he kept him close, to keep him under watchful gaze.

Nearly two decades passed fairly uneventfully. Lang started a family, and his steadfast service to his House was rewarded with some measure of peace. The adventures of his youth faded to a distant memory, yet he still felt as if a wall of ice stood between himself and his loved ones. He remained within Ishgard’s walls as it weathered the chaos descending upon the rest of Eorzea, even through the Seventh Umbral Calamity.

Then one day, he was seized and imprisoned by the Inquisition. Arvakr, with the aid of Lang's son, had found a way to undo the transmutation and escaped Ishgard. As a consequence, House Leonguin was eradicated for heresy. Lang himself was subjected to a trial by combat. He expected Halone to grant him no mercy, but miraculously his aetherical abilities returned during the trial, saving his life.

Lying in a hospital ward, Lang mourned his fallen house, his mistakes, and the hope he had abandoned long ago. Though he was exonerated, he struggled to understand why the Fury forgave him. Once he recovered, he quietly left Ishgard and headed south.

In Gridania, he unexpectedly found an old friend from the past: the Scribe of Menphina, Naji Olahli, now enjoying a peaceful retirement in the Shroud. She invited him to stay with her and encouraged him to join the Conjurer's guild. Lang adapted to the life of a simple healer, with no particular goals in mind other than to live day to day. This quiet state of affairs was not to last, for one day, he heard Hydaelyn call to him again, after she had been silent for almost twenty years...

Years later, after a myriad of trials, Lang would finally see his old mentor's visions realized: his homeland freed from its perpetual war, and an Eorzea free and united in hope.


Lang's echo lets him broadcast his emotions, causing people near him to feel his current emotional state. He normally keeps this power suppressed, something he learned to do without sparing conscious effort. However, his control occasionally slips when he's under duress. He also has the ability to share echo visions with another person.

He is a practitioner of Ishgardian astrology, the art of using celestial observations and calculations to predict the future. He can scry for things other than the movement of dragons. Due to his astrologian education, he is well-versed in mathematics and theology.

I am unsure what, if anything, I ought to commit to the page about myself. There are many who know me, friends and enemies both, and I do not feel the urge to offer any particular insight into my soul that one could not glean from the totality of their accounts. After all, I have often proved to be a poor judge of character.

Now and then I have fears of being misremembered, of undeserving exaltations. Yet I knew I would forego pleasant obscurity when I took up the mantle of the Warrior of Light. In those moments I take some comfort in something Lybek once said, that all truths will eventually be uncovered by those determined enough to find it. Thus I place my faith in all the indomitable spirits around me, and those to come after.

According to my research, It was the people of Ala Mhigo who gave the epithet of Fairscribe to the Warrior of Light. Indeed, the old guard of the revolution had kept the tale of Rhalgr’s wild-eyed prophet alive, to warm them through the coldest nights. I imagine they found it particularly appropriate to pass his name to his protege, as Halone herself was Rhalgr’s student!

He seemed less than fond of it at first, but when I had the opportunity to speak to him - much, much later - he told me he was proud to carry on his mentor’s legacy.

-G'raha Tia

artist: @ForgetsRotation

Lang first crossed paths with X'rhun Tia when the Crimson Duellists were newly founded, still in the early stages of reviving the lost art of red magic. The Crimson Duellists became allies with the Twelve's Scribes, for despite their differences in combat style, they shared a common goal of protecting Ala Mhigo. Lang and X'rhun bonded over their mutual interest in studying magic, and they looked forward to sharing their research and new insights of the aether whenever they met.

As the tide of the Ala Mhigan revolution began to swell, the two crossed paths less often. In the chaos of the Garlean annexation they parted ways, and did not hear from each other again.

Five years after the Seventh Umbral Calamity, X'rhun heard news about the Scions and the new Warrior of Light, and was quite surprised to recognize Lang’s name. He was happy to hear that Lang was doing well, but it had been so long, and he was quite accustomed to life as a solo itinerant adventurer, so he didn’t feel the need to reintroduce himself. By circumstance, they ran into each other outside the gates of Ul'dah. They caught up on the last twenty years. Lang learned that the Crimson Duellists had been betrayed by one of their own number. X'rhun had tried to take on apprentices a few times since then, but fearing he'd create another Lambard, he did not have success as a mentor.

Lang was glad to see an old friend, but they had their own places to be. Lang went to deal with the threat of Bahamut, where he met Alisaie and recommended she seek out X'rhun as a mentor. Not long after that, the Bloody Banquet forced Lang to return to Ishgard once more.


The contents of a sealed letter found in the Tomb of the Errant Sword. The writing is shaky and faint.

To my dearest friend,

I’ve run the risk of offending the Traders by praying to them on your behalf, but I’d be glad for it, if it means you’re alive and well. Your soul seemed heavier each time I saw you, when I stopped hearing from you altogether I feared the worst. I had to learn from your colleagues that you returned to Ishgard. To be honest, I'm still a little upset at you for leaving without so much as a word.

I understand why you had to go. I know I would gladly give my life for a chance to save my brothers and sisters, but all I can do now is ensure their deaths were not in vain. I only wish I understood you earlier. This weight is hard to bear alone.

Your fallen companions now rest in the stone among Ala Mhigo's bravest warriors. Wherever you are, I hope this eases your heart a little. I know for many of you the desert is not your home, but the Crimson Duelists will always consider the Scribes our kin in spirit.


Dear X’rhun,

I hope you will forgive my presumptuousness for sending Alisaie your way. I do not know if you are interested in taking on a student, but when she expressed the desire to find her own path, I could think of no finer mentor to guide her. Truly, few living souls in Eorzea have stayed true to their heart’s course as you have.

In my brief time accompanying Alisaie on her mission, I witnessed her display wisdom and resolve worthy of any wielder of the Red. Should you still have doubts, please consider this letter my wholehearted endorsement of her potential. I think the two of you will get along quite well.

Yours without reservation,